About me

Hi, I am a product designer working at the intersection of business, technology and design. I like solving new problems, creating new stuff and sometimes breaking them.

After getting a under graduate degree in business administration, I taught myself programming and worked as a backend developer for a crypto exchange. I went on to study user experience design. I am currently working with Postman, designing the way software teams build APIs.

You can read about my journey as a Product Designer on my timeline

About this website

This website is built with 11ty and is deployed on netlify.

Keeping it light and fast was the priority. No fancy animations, just the content delivered to you. I have tried my best to make it as accessible as possible, but please report any issues you face.

I also do not track you in any way. Which means I have no idea how many people read things I write here. That keeps your privacy intact and my content organic. But, it'd be nice to know I am not talking to myself here, so get in touch.