Privacy tools I use

16 May 2021 | privacy

A running list of tools that help me maintain my digital privacy.


  1. Conveniently Private - Brave
  2. More private - Firefox using compartmentalized instances with privacy badger and uBlock origin
  3. Android - Bromite
    Note: Safari can also be a good alternative but, unlike the others on the list, its not opensource.

Operating systems

  1. Desktop

    1. Conveniently Private - MacOS.
    2. More private Most linux distros would give you better privacy than windows. But the best part about linux is you can choose your "Flavour" (combination of the desktop environment and prebuilt apps) depending on your threat model. For any normal user something like PopOS or ubuntu should be good enough. But you ave the option of TAILS for when the NSA is behind you.
    3. If you have to use windows for work, watch this to make it as secure as possible
  2. Mobile

    1. Conveniently Private- iOS
    2. More private -Degoogled Androids like lineage for MicroG and calyxOS

Tracker blocking

  1. Pihole - Network-wide blocking
  2. TrackerControl - Block trackers on android
  3. Privacy badger - Browser based tracker blocker

Cloud backups

  1. NextCloud
  2. One way backups with Syncthing

Other tools:

  1. Note taking - Obsidian
  2. Email Aliasing - Anonaddy
  3. Search Engine - startpage
  4. Messaging - Signal
  5. App store - FDroid