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Making Postman Flows • 2021-Today

Founding designer • Research • Prototyping • Growth • Hiring
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You can read more about the journey of 📄how we designed Postman Flows.

Around the end of 2020, A few team members had started tinkering with the idea of a new programming language that could act as a glue between two APIs. This would help create business logic for API-first applications faster.

Soon we created a new team, Labs, that worked exclusively on 0 to 1 projects (or Loonshots ) inside of Postman. Flows started with a team of 2, an engineer (Saswat from the video below) and a designer (yours truly). In the initial 6 months, we knew we wanted to create a visual language that looked like flow diagrams and had data flowing through it. Today the team is 8 members strong, 2 designers & 6 engineers.

This stream covers a lot of our process and how we built Flows.

It is incredibly fulfilling to work on such a novel product. In the process of building Flows, I've had conversations ranging from "what are the least amount of data types needed to describe the entire universe " to "do Arabic people diagram right-to-left?" and everything in between.

Runtime Team • June 2020 - June 2021

Product Designer • Research • Design Debt Management • Hiring

Before Flows, I was given the opportunity to work on the most widely used feature of Postman, the request-sending workflow, called "Runtime" internally. Most of the 20 million users of Postman come in to use this feature.


While I added some fun features in Runtime like the 📄 Variable Popup , the major challenge in Runtime was a big pile of design debt. With the help of Postman's abundantly vocal users, it was easy to collect feedback. But understanding, categorising and solving for that feedback was the hard part. 📄 I created a system that helped me run through 70+ of these issues in under 8 months. I also created component library for runtime that helped speed up the design process of not only runtime but also other squads.

Identity team • April 2020 - June 2020

Design Intern

Before turning full time, I spent the first three months in Postman as an intern. I worked on the sign-in/sign-up flows and quickly learnt how deep I could dive with established patterns. I worked with my PM to reduce the 40+ support tickets per month raised solely around the confusing sign-in experience by improving the error messages during sign up and introducing a better system of user input validation

This was also when I learnt the importance of UX copy. I realised I could design sentences with words just like I design interfaces with components.

Identity sign in form

Before I was a designer (professionally)

After graduating in business administration, I taught myself programming and worked as a backend developer for a crypto exchange. I went on to study user experience design.